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Dermatology Office Policy and Procedure Manual

You need well-defined hiring and employment policies and procedures for your practice. Streamline your operations with this exclusive AADA manual.
Item # PME22

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  • Overview

    Every successful dermatology practice needs written office policies and procedures for each area of its practice.  This exclusive AADA manual will help optimize your day-to-day operations efficiently and more effectively by covering key areas which includes patient relations and communication, scheduling, medical records, financial management, billing and IT. Includes: Revised and updated policies and procedures for every dermatology practice and easy-to-use forms and templates that are easily customizable.

    Chapters Include:

    • Patient Relations
    • Patient Flow
    • Communication
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Medical Records
    • Financial Management
    • Billing and Collections
    • Information Technology

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  • Specifications

    # of pages: 89
    Publisher: American Academy of Dermatology 
    Format: Perfect Bound
    Item#: PME22

  • Table of Contents
    1. Introduction: Developing Policies and Procedures
      • The Importance of a Policy and Procedure Manual
      • Guidance on Expectations
      • Using this Manual
      • Goal Setting
      • From Plan to Manual
    2. Chapter 1: Patient Relations
      • Patient Communication
      • Patient Satisfaction Survey
      • Patient Complaints
      • Hostile Patient
    3. Chapter 2: Patient Flow
      • Patient Arrival
      • Patient Check-Out
      • New Patient Acquisition Using Third Party Vendors
      • Referral Management
      • Patient Education
      • Test Results
      • Huddle
      • Pre-Visit Chart Review
      • Housekeeping Requirements
      • Pharmaceutical Representatives
      • Office Security
      • Natural Disasters
    4. Chapter 3: Communication
      • Telephone Management
      • Employees’ Personal Calls
      • After-Hours Answering Service
      • Electronic Messaging
      • Message Taking
      • Triage Calls
      • Electronic Access to Protected Health Information (PHI)
      • Referring Physician Communication
    5. Chapter 4: Scheduling
      • Appointment Scheduling
      • Provider Bumps
      • Wait List
      • Appointment Confirmations
      • Appointment No-Shows
      • Late Arrivals
      • Walk-Ins
      • Appointment Recalls
      • Self-Scheduling for Patients
      • Referring Physicians
    6. Chapter 5: Medical Records
      • Documentation
      • Employee Signature Log
      • Records Retention: Medical Records
      • Records Retention: Business Records
    7. Chapter 6: Financial Management
      • Operating Budget
      • Closing Schedule
      • Cash-Basis Method of Accounting
      • Time of Service Payment Controls
      • Purchasing Supplies
      • Accounts Payable
      • Financial Controls
      • Expense Reimbursement
      • Deposit of Patient Receipts
    8. Chapter 7: Billing and Collections
      • Patient Financial Clearance
      • Coding
      • Charge Capture
      • Charge Correction
      • Insurance Follow-Up
      • Small Balances
      • Referrals, Preauthorizations and Precertifications
      • Participating with an Insurance Company
      • Credit Balances and Refunds
      • Collections
      • Insurance Coverage Waiver
      • Assignment of Benefits
      • Financial Policy
      • High-Deductible Health Plans
      • Time-of-Service Payments
      • Payment Plans
      • Collection Agency
      • Bankruptcy
      • Waiver of Patient Financial Responsibility
    9. Chapter 8: Information Technology
      • Hand-held Mobile Device Security
      • Employee Computer Usage