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Actinic Keratoses Pamphlet

Encourages treatment for actinic keratoses, and describes the similarities and differences to skin cancer, treatment options and prevention tips.
Item # PAM53
1-9 Packages
10-19 Packages
20+ Packages
1-9 Packages
10-19 Packages
20+ Packages
  • Overview

    One of the top selling pamphlets purchased by dermatologist’s offices, this essential patient education resource will educate your patients about what an AK looks like, where they are most likely to appear on the body and why it’s so important to see a dermatologist for treatment. Reinforcing the message that an AK is considered precancerous, the pamphlet details the various treatments available. Provides helpful sun protection tips to encourage patients to protect their skin and prevent further AKs.

    Sold in packages of 50.