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Integrating a Non-Physician Clinician into Your Practice

Build clinical teams with a non-physician clinician. Find out how with this exclusive On-Demand Webinar!
Item # CASTPE0414
  • Overview

    Learn effective strategies and techniques for successfully integrating a non-physician clinician into your practice with this on-demand webinar presented by Jennifer Searfoss, Esq., C.M.P.E, a nationally recognized advocate for medical practices and CEO of the Searfoss Consulting Group, LLC.

    Information covered includes:

    • Key steps in determining practice readiness for hiring and adding a non-physician clinician
    • Understanding the difference between Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs)
    • Best practices for properly integrating a non-physician clinician into your practice including compliance with applicable state and federal laws
    • How to properly code and bill for services performed by non-physician clinicians, including incident-to billing