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Dermatology Employment Manual: A Guide to Personnel Policies and Procedures

Hire, train and manage your way to a successful practice. Save money with this exclusive AADA resource.
Item # PME14
  • Overview

    From hiring and training staff to practice administration activities such as patient relations, communications, scheduling, finance and more, you need well-defined hiring and employment policies and procedures.

    Get access to a TON of customizeable templates including model policies and procedures, contract templates for prospective employees and employers, example job descriptions, interviewing guidelines, application forms and more!

    Key Areas Discussed:

    • Human Resources Planning
    • Employment Law and Compliance
    • Staff Recruitment
    • Employment Guidelines
    • Contracts with Physicians and Non-Physicians Clinicians 
    • Compensation and Benefit Programs
    • Staff Development and Training
    • Managing Employee Relations
  • Specifications

    # of pages: 206
    Publisher: American Academy of Dermatology 
    Templates and sample forms included on CD  
    Format: Binder
    Item#: PME14

  • Table of Contents

    Introduction The Dermatology Manual: A Guide to Personnel Policies and Procedures...1-11

    Chapter 1 - Human Resoures Plnning and Practice Building Blocks... 15-18

    Chapter 2 - Employment Law & Compliance... 21-38

    Chapter 3 - Staff Recruitment... 41-63

    Chapter 4 - Employment Guidelines.. 67-97

    Chapter 5 - Employment Agreements...101-133

    Chapter 6 - Wages & Compensation..137-148

    Chapter 7 - Benefits Program...151-179

    Chapter 8 - Staff Development & Training..183-186

    Chapter 9 - Managing Employee Relations..189-193