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Moles Pamphlet

Provides detailed information on how to check moles for changes that could signal skin cancer and when to see a dermatologist. Also includes the ABCDEs of melanoma and sun protection tips.
Item # PAM04
1-9 Packages
10-19 Packages
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1-9 Packages
10-19 Packages
20+ Packages
  • Overview

    One of the top sellers for dermatologists, this pamphlet encourages your patients to be aware of the moles on their body and why it’s important to notice if any of them are changing. This pamphlet offers tips on how your patients can do a skin self-exam and what to look for on their skin that might be a sign of skin cancer. It also details when and how a dermatologist would perform a skin biopsy on a mole.  Includes tips to educate your patients on the importance of staying safe in the sun. 

    Sold in packages of 50.