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eCompliance Series- HIPAA Training for Medical Offices

It’s easy to get the HIPAA certification and training your staff needs with the eCompliance: HIPAA Training for Medical Offices Module. Purchase individually under each user's (office staff or physician) account to obtain certification.
Item # ECOMP121
  • Overview

    HIPAA Training, Certification and Compliance
    HIPAA certification and training for your practice just got a little easier. Provide all new hires, and current staff, up-to-date training on the latest HIPAA regulations. The 2021 module covers privacy, security, breach notifications, myths and misconceptions, and random audits. Plus, features a new proposal to include who accessed the PHI in case of a breach, and more real-life examples.

    Why purchase?
    The HIPAA eCompliance module is a self-paced, easy way for you and your staff to comply with the annual HIPAA awareness and training certification requirement, ensuring everyone in your office is compliant.

    Here’s How it Works:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Watch the video, take the quiz, and obtain your certification.
    By purchasing individually under each participant’s own account and scoring 80% or higher that individual will earn certification. Check your inbox for step-by-step instructions for accessing the module.

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    After purchase, you'll receive an email on accessing the module.