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Navigating CPT® Biopsy Code Challenges Sept. 19 On-demand Webinar

Learn how to overcome skin biopsy code challenges with tips to enhance documentation and prevent denials.
Item # CAST195
  • Overview

    Overcome skin biopsy coding challenges and denials

    Learn how to differentiate between the new multiple biopsy techniques including tangential, punch and incisional biopsy codes and when to apply them.  Plus, take a closer look at real-world skin biopsy challenges and specific tips to overcome them.

    This on-demand webinar will cover:

    • How to code and tell the difference between multiple biopsy techniques including:  tangential, punch and incisional biopsy codes.
    • NCCI (National Correct Coding Initiative) edits and examples for the new skin biopsy code set
    • Tips and techniques to overcome common skin biopsy code challenges
    • How to replace modifiers correctly with appropriate code combinations
    • Challenges and scenarios experienced by your peers as they report the biopsy codes

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