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CPT® 2019 Professional Edition

Ensure you have the most up-to-date CPT® code set for accurate reimbursement and efficient claims processing in 2019 with this official AMA-authored coding resource.
Item # PMEACPT19

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  • Overview

    Correct coding and billing of medical procedures and services starts with the CPT® 2019 Professional Edition. Stay current with the ever-changing CPT® code set by referencing the latest release containing coding guidelines, parenthetical instruction, an easy-to-navigate table of contents, a new code quick reference, new procedural full color illustrations and note pages at the end of every section.

    CPT® 2019 Professional Edition includes:
    • CPT® coding guidelines and more full color parenthetical instruction
    • Note pages at the end of every code set section and subsection
    • Enhanced codebook table of contents that enables a quick search
    • Section-specific table of contents, making it easier to navigate each section’s codes
    • A quick reference to new codes, deletions and revisions without having to refer to previous editions
    • Convenient appendices that provide quick resources on modifiers, clinical examples and add-on codes
    • 18 comprehensive evaluation and management (E/M) code selection tables
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