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Digital Derm Coding Consult Pro - 1 Year Subscription

Subscribe and get 12 issues of Derm Coding Consult plus over 15 years of coding content in an easy-to-use, digital format. Download the Derm Coding Consult Pro app and carry your lifeline to reimbursement in the palm of your hand.
Item # EDCC1

Not available for sale
This product is currently not available for sale.

  • Overview

    Now the Academy’s popular coding publication, Derm Coding Consult is available as a subscription!  No more waiting each quarter for your Derm Coding Consult to come in the mail. With the new Digital Derm Coding Consult Pro you have access to coding guidance instantly on your favorite devices.

    Perfect for the entire office! Now, everyone can get access to the latest CPT® and ICD-10-CM changes, CMS updates, and exclusive monthly content found only here!  Digital Derm Coding Consult Pro allows you to increase accuracy and reduce claim denials while ensuring ongoing coding training.

    The NEW Digital Derm Coding Consult Pro includes:

    • A new mobile app
    • 12 extra issues of coding per year
    • Over 15 years of Derm Coding Consult publications
    • Customized bookmarking and note-taking features
    • Access to a community of experts

    Get access to over 15 years of content and exclusive monthly content on your mobile device or tablet.

  • Specifications


    Access your Digital Derm Coding Consult Pro subscription across all your favorite devices including app.

    Mobile App

    • Supported on Android and iOS (Apple) devices only.  No Windows phone support.
    • Android version 5.0 and higher
    • iOS  version 9.0 and higher


    Digital Derm Coding Consult Pro is supported on the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Windows Edge

  • FAQ

    How often is Digital Derm Coding Consult Pro updated?

    You’ll receive updates each month. Four full issues quarterly plus 12 extra supplements the other months to give you a full year of coding updates. 

    What content should I expect to receive?

    Access all issues since 2000 as they appeared in print. Plus, you’ll get 12 extra issues annually. When reviewing the content, it is always recommended that you refer to the most recent information first. The content provided is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to dictate coding requirements or reimbursement policy. If you have questions about proper coding or documentation, you should always check with your provider or payer.
    Do I get the app and access to the website with my subscription?

    Yes, you get access to both the app and website with purchase of a subscription.

    How do I know how many users to buy?  How do you define a user?

    It’s recommended your purchase be based on the number of users you wish to give access to. A user is anyone who requires access to the product to perform a job function, or anyone who wishes to have access to the DCC content for personal or professional use.

    Do we have to purchase a license for each user, or can we share a login?

    Each person who needs access must have their own user ID/password.  If two people try to access using the same license or a  single login, then the first person’s session will be terminated when the second logs on. Additionally, you can only be logged in on one device at a time.   

    How do I assign my licenses?

    After purchase, you will receive detailed instructions for assigning licenses to your practice staff. As the administrator, simply access Your Account on under the Manage Licenses Section to give each user their license. Each user must have an AAD account.  If you find that they do not have an account, then you can either create one for the user, or instruct them to create one and inform the administrator when complete to continue license assignment.
    Can I change users if someone leaves or doesn’t require access any longer?

    Yes, the administrator can reassign users at any time.  Just remember that all users need an AAD account prior to being assigned.

    Do you offer multi-year subscriptions and discounts?

    Yes we do. You can buy one-year or two-year subscriptions, and save even more per user when you buy for multiple users.
    To purchase a muti-year subscription and save, click here .

    In what format is the product available?
    Web and Android / Apple iOS applications, for online and mobile devices.
    Is this item available on both Apple/iOS and Android?

    Yes, the app is available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

    Do you have special pricing for groups of 12 or more?

    Yes, special pricing is available for practices needing more than 12 licenses. Contact the Member Resource Center at ; phone:  866 503-7546 (SKIN).

    When do I renew my subscription?

    Your subscription is good for either 12 or 24 months from the original purchase date. You will receive information to renew your subscription beginning 90 days prior to your subscription expiration date.

    Help/Contact us

    Contact the Member Resource Center at ; phone:  866 503-7546 (SKIN).