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Modifiers 59 & 76 Unraveling the Confusion On-Demand Webinar

Modifiers can be confusing. Don't let them be. Learn how to sort out the confusing surrounding modifiers including MUEs, modifiers 76 and 59 and NCCI edits.
Item # CAST184

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  • Overview

    Learn how accurate coding and reporting of services are critical to proper billing. Knowing how to look up Medicare Procedure to Procedure (PTP) code pair edits and Medically Unlikely Edits (MUEs) can help your practice avoid coding and billing errors and subsequent payment denials. This webinar will help you sort out the confusion surrounding MUEs, modifiers 76 and 59 versus 51 and NCCI edits as they relate to Medicare billing mandates.

    You’ll learn:
    • How to appropriately append Modifier 59 to the correct code pairs
    • The difference between Modifier 59, 76 and 51
    • How to utilize the CMS NCCI edits file